Studio Piper - Virtual Bagpipes

Studio Piper - Virtual Bagpipes
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Studio Piper has been developed with world renowned, gold medalist, multi-award-winning piper, Fred Morrison, and the Centre for Music Technology at The University of Glasgow, Scotland. Each stage of the production was personally overseen by Fred, working along-side former Tom Oberheim engineer, Bill Evans. Studio Piper delivers an authentic virtual bagpipe from the world's leading piper and the home of piping.


- All samples are played by Fred Morrison on his own exceptional instruments.
- Highland Pipes, Border Pipes, Scottish Small Pipes and Uillieann Pipes.
- Fully chromatic scale.
- Upgradeable sample sets, new instruments and features to come.
- Long drone samples provide phasing and variation that define the real sound of the pipes, while remaining perfectly in tune.
- No loops on the chanter samples.
- Adjustable timbre controls. Choose your sound: piercing and rousing; or sweet and mellifluous.

Notes on the instruments:

The Uilleann pipes sampled were made in the late 1990s by the late, legendary craftsman Dave Williams. They are based on a Crowley design. The chanter was made in 2006 by Benedict Koehler with its form derived from a Rowsome chanter.

Both the Border Pipes and Small Pipes used were developed by Fred Morrison and Stuart McCallum and were manufactured by McCallum Bagpipes. They appeal to pipers of all kinds because of their acoustic compatibility with other instruments. Both default in the key of A (440) with an extra E drone creating a harmonious chord.

The Great Highland Pipes sampled were McCallum drones with a McC2 chanter designed by top competing piper Willie McCallum, again manufactured by leading pipe maker McCallum's Bagpipes.

Notes on the sample quality:

The audio samples used in Studio Piper were recorded with Neumann U87 and Rode NTV microphones and mastered with iZotope Ozone to ensure outstanding sonic quality. Studio Piper was developed with former Thomas Oberheim engineer, William Evans, and the Centre for Music Technology at Glasgow University.

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ePipes are the electronic bagpipe specialists. Recording world renowned piper, Fred Morrison, and working along side the Centre for Music Technology at Glasgow University, we have developed the world's most realistic-sounding virtual bagpipe - Studio Piper. In addition we stock a range of hardware electronic bagpipes and accessories including the Technopipes and Technochanter.