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New supplier: Audiowiesel

SoundsOnDemand welcomes audiowiesel as new supplier! 

audiowiesel logo

"audiowiesel creates unique and fresh custom sample libraries and audio tools to improve your sound and work flow. Founded in 2012 by composers Frank Herrlinger and Daniel Szwedek, audiowiesel stands for creativity, quality and lots of fun! Many composers spend lots of time creating their own unique sample libraries and virtual instruments in order to define their individual sound signature. And so do we. In fact, we are eager about sharing some of our custom libraries with other composers to help them stand out sound-wise. We are no big company with dozens of releases a year but we do our best to be unique and to provide creativity."


New supplier: SFX Source

SoundsOnDemand is introducing to you our new supplier SFX SOURCE:

sfx source logo

"SFX Source was created by sound designers for sound designers. SFX Source create cutting-edge and imaginative sound samples that are crafted with passion and expertise. These SFX are ideal for use in all levels of production, from amateur to professional, for use in Music, Film, TV, Computer Games and New Media."


KNOW YOUR DEVS #4: Perimeter Sound

Know your devs banner


Perimeter Sound Logo

Interview with Perimeter Sound:


  • What is the story behind your company?

Perimeter Sound was started in the late 90´s by Todd Milne as an outlet for his own music. It later evolved into loop sample sets, and doing production work for others as well as for himself. Jeff Rhodes joined in the fun around 2000. Jeff would end up launching his own label Soundspice in late 2011, while continuing to work with Todd and Perimeter Sound as well as some other loop sample companies.

  • Tell us a little bit more about you and your work

We make music and sounds, and sometimes those are just for our own amusement, occasionally they become albums or tracks, and quite a bit of the time some of it finds it´s way into a loop sample set or a synth patch collection. We tend not work all that linearaly if you will, so it´s rare to know where something is going to end up on that scale, it just happens and we figure it out along the way.

  • How does one start making sample(/patch)-libraries?

Samples can be made with recording gear, or inside your host program these days. So it´s really up to you how to approach it. Synth patch collections are the same really, step 1) learn to program a synth, 2) pick a synth to make patches for, and 3) get to work. Ultimately, that´s pretty vague advice, but it´s true. I would add that it helps to have a theme in mind for your project, otherwise you may go off in too many directions to ever get it finished up.

  • How long does it take to produce a library?

This varies, a lot, depending on any number of things. For our loop sample libraries, all told you could easily be looking at 400-800 work hours each. But it wasn´t continuous work (ie= it wasn´t done 49 hours a week day after day) and a good part of it was both experimental in nature, and even just plain fun to some degree. Synth patch banks vary as well, mostly depending on how many modulation controls there are, and how many you want to assign.

  • Can you give us a little insight on the creative process of your company?

We mostly play it by ear, no pun intended. If we like a style of music or a general sound, we go in that direction and see if we can do something similar yet all our own. And often times we end up with extra material (not even having planned to make a loop sample set or a synth patch collection) and it can be turned into a really great collection.

  • Music is changing every day - do you "go with the flow", or do you hold on to old values?

A little of both. Todd is more grounded in real world instruments for the most part, and I´m more of the synth/sound fx guy. So we kind of fuse those elements together, though it´s rarely a 50/50 kind of split on purpose, a lot of times it just works out that way and if it sounds good it is good.

  • How much does technology affect musical history?

If you mean pop or popular music history, then the obvious answer is a lot. Otherwise, much less, but of course it seeps through. Between bringing new sounds, and ever lower costs of hi-tech gear and software, technology impacts almost all forms of music to some degree.

  • What or who inspires you?

Someone expressing themselves in a unique way is always a pleasure to hear or see. We don´t really keep track of favorites anymore, but sometimes our inspiration is music, and sometimes it´s a film or a book, or even just nature or a feeling we have one day.

  • We´re working in an very competitive & multi-faceted industry - what would you say makes you stand out from your competitors?

We´ve had more trouble ´fitting in´ than -standing out-, so that´s kind of a backwards question for us. In general though, the more you sound like yourself the more likely you´re going to stand out it seems.

  • Which library are you currently most proud of?

I still think ´Bio-Mechanic Beats 1´ is full of untapped potential, and I know Todd is still very pleased with how his solo loop sample collection ´Navarakan´ came out. More recently for myself the Soundspice Supernatural Glitch Hop series sounds really good to me, and I´m glad I went back and got into the triphop sound a bit deeper than I maybe had previously.

  • What are your plans for the future?

More music, and probably more loop sample sets. The synth patches are kind of on hold until something gets updated, or I find a new synth that I´m going to be using a lot and need some custom sounds for. Todd is working on his local performance career more these days, and may get back into production soon. And last but not least, hopefully finishing up Bio-Mechanic Beats 3 for release later this year.


New supplier: KRYPTIC

SoundsOnDemand welcomes KRYPTIC as new supplier!

 Kryptic Logo

"Kryptic is a new French sample label run by an established songwriter and pianist, Kryptic. Since 2001, the dark and gloomy atmosphere in his productions reflects his musical style. Inspired by the style big names in U.S. Hip Hop, such as the legendary group Mobbdeep, Wu-tang clan or Killarmy, Kryptic aims to capture their emotions in his songs and loves to establish a gloomy and melancholy mood from the very first notes. DMX or 50 cent are also one of his source of inspiration as well as Tupac. His Sample Packs/Construction kits cover styles as diverse as Hip Hop, French Hip Hop, Hip Hop Electro, Old School, New School, Dirty South, East Coast, West Coast, Trap,and RnB ! He aim to provide you with the freshest and most exciting and original content available!"


New supplier: Elite Sounds

SoundsOnDemand welcomes Elite Sounds as new supplier!

Elite Sounds Logo

"Elite Sounds is an award-winning music production company that meets and exceeds the levels of competition in delivering top-of-the-line ELITE quality sample libraries & Construction Kits of all genres. Elite Sounds hails from Los Angeles, California, and has an extraordinary team of Grammy nominated/winning producers and writers with credits that include production and placements with FloRida, Tyga, TGT, Enrique Iglesias, Ke$ha, Chris Brown, Mario, Trey Songz, Bei Major, Busta Rhymes, Colby O’Donis, Master P, Romeo Miller, Robin Thicke, and many more. Elite Sounds has a consistent untouchable rate of success in creating and releasing high end products for you. The products in these Construction Kits will include everything from Presets for your favourite synth, to custom hand-crafted, original mixed drums. With their reputation and credibility in the music industry, they are certain to deliver top-notch products to you, time after time."


New supplier: sixbrix Sound Design

SoundsOnDemand welcomes sixbrix Sound Design as new supplier!

sixbrix Sound Design banner 

"sixbrix is an independent sound design label based in the Ruhr region in Germany. Teaming up with established producers, sixbrix delivers loops, hits and synthesizer patches for a variety of electronic dance music genres, as well as SFX Libraries suitable for both audio post and music production. We provide dedicated and hand-crafted sound design tools to benefit audio post engineers, producers, DJs and Live-Acts. Every release is recorded and mixed in professional 24-bit quality, contains tempo / key labels and is delivered in a variety of formats, including Broadcast Wave for SFX Libraries."


New supplier: Biome Digital

 SoundsOnDemand welcomes Biome Digital as new supplier!

Biome Digital Logo

"Biome Digital is a sound design company from the UK selling professional-quality sample packs & synth presets at affordable prices. Made by music producers, for music producers! Our sounds have been designed to be highly useable and we don´t believe in adding "fillers" to boost the numbers. We also don´t re-distribute freely available drum hits and each sound set we release has been carefully checked and tested to ensure the highest quality samples & presets that will work in your music. All samples are professionally recorded and processed using the latest techniques and years of audio production experience to bring you sounds that are optimised for both loudness and quality. We are sure you will find our sample packs & presets to be some of the very best on the market!"



KNOW YOUR DEVS #3: Danyella


 Danyella logoDanyella Logo

 Interview with Danyella:


  • What is the story behind your company?


I´ve started out as an Electronic Dance Music producer, creating presets, samples and midis for my own music productions. After a few years, I felt inspired to turn into a full-time sound designer, offering my products to the public. I´m glad I made that decision!


  • Tell us a little bit more about you and your work


I produce everything from sound banks (factory & commercial) to midi packs, sample packs, and production / sound design tutorials and templates. Some of it has already been released, and a lot is yet to be released very soon. My products cover a wide range of genres within Electronic Dance Music. You will find sounds suitable for all sub genres of Trance, House, Electro and Techno mixed with Ambient, Chillout and Dubstep presets. There is something for everyone - and most important - buying a product that isn´t strictly limited to just one genre will give you more options to evolve as a music producer, and will help to think outside of the box for a more interesting sound overall. A product shouldn´t limit you - it should supply what you need as well as inspire you to try something new.


  • How does one start making libraries?


I had received a lot of requests to create exclusive sounds and banks before I decided to produce libraries. I was a very
passionate producer, so it was a bit tough at first to spend time away from creating tracks, but I soon got so involved
with sound design that I didn´t even want to do anything else.


  • How long does it take to produce a library?


That depends. It can take all day to produce one particular sound, or it can be one of those crazy days where I am on
a roll and knock out several samples or presets in a day. Overall, I create midis and samples fairly quickly, while certain
presets such as lead sounds take a lot longer. It´s safe to say that a bank of 50 presets takes about a month to create.


  • Can you give us a little insight on the creative process of your company?


As a sound designer, I´m not only making sure to provide sounds for today´s music, but I have to think ahead of time and create the sounds of tomorrow. I´ve always been very open minded and my creativity has never stopped me from producing innovative, fresh sounds. Music evolves daily, and being a few steps ahead really helps providing an exciting product range people are happy with for a long time.


  • What was the weirdest or funniest moment you have experienced on a project?


Well, I surely remember the most FRUSTRATING one :-) I was once stupid enough to NOT back up my files online. Well, as you might have guessed already, I had lost all of my files due to a hdd failure. Not only did my internal hdd crash, but: A moment later, Backup #1 failed (external hdd), AND Backup #2 (USB stick) decided to die on me that same day. I had lost about 20 track projects and a LOT of presets and midis plus half of a sample pack. Lession learned: I´m now backing up online and on CD!
The most weird moment on a project was probably when on day #3 I had realized that I have had A. No sleep B. No food and C. One glass of water. I didn´t even realize 3 days had passed; I was completely zoned out :-)


  • Music is changing every day - do you "go with the flow", or do you hold on to old values?


Well, I have to be ahead to feed the flow. Music is changing constantly, and I am always observing the current scene in order to provide what´s in demand. However, I never produce a product I wouldn´t use myself. I´m not forcing myself to create something I don´t stand for or don´t enjoy just because it´s ´in´ right now. If I don´t like a particular style, then I simply don´t produce products for it. That´s how I can guarantee quality over quantity.


  • How much does technology affect musical history?


I personally think technology is affecting music in an amazing way. There are no limits anymore; nearly everyone has a chance to create music these days with given technology. There is no need for expensive studios and equipment. You don´t even need a record label these days; you just create your own digital indie label. It´s freedom for everyone, no matter where one comes from or what the individual financial situation is like. There are tons of great products out there to help anyone who is just starting out. Some people are anti-technology, probably due to the masses of music out there right now. This causes some people to think less of music, as it seems less exclusive and more ´everyday´, encouraging people to pirate music. However - I personally am glad technology has evolved to the point where it is right now as everyone should have a chance to be part of it – and I’m looking forward to what it will be like in the future.


  • What or who inspires you?


Situations, locations, my mood, something I´ve heard or seen - all sorts of influences. Also, a special thank you goes to Rob Lee, who has been encouraging me to get into sound design full-time as well. He´s an amazing, talented designer and a very special person to me.


  • We´re working in an very competitive & multi-faceted industry - what would you say makes you stand out from your competitors?


I don´t really like the word ´competitors´. There are so many great companies and talented sound designers out there, and I respect all of them. They aren´t competitors but more like a big ´family´ of people who share the same passion. There isn´t one ultimate company or designer out there - it´s the wide range of amazing products from everyone altogether that matters. What makes me stand out is my production experience in all EDM genres. Usability is extremely important. Every single one of my products has been carefully crafted, extensively tested in a production environment and is guaranteed to satisfy. There is nothing worse than sounds that seem nice on their own but can´t be mixed in a track.


  • Which library are you currently most proud of?


I´m pretty excited about my first expansion for KV331 Audio Synthmaster (Danyella - EDM Expansion Vol.1). I´m also really happy with the Sylenth Complete Bundle and have gotten great feedback on it.


  • What are your plans for the future?


I want to further evolve as a full-time sound designer as well as producer to share my sounds and music with like-minded people around the globe!




 Wusik Banner

 Interview with Wusik:


  • What is the story behind your company?


I have been a musician for most part of my life. I´m 40 now, and the past 16 years I have been solely working with music oriented projects. It all started with projects for NI Reaktor and later it turned into C++ own creations. The first company was DashSynthesis, later DashSignature and now The name Wusik is an acronym of MUSIC and the first letters of my nick. William Kalfelz (Guilherme Kalfelz) So it turns to be W from William and K from Kalfelz and that makes WUSIK!


  • Tell us a little bit more about you and your work


Well, I work from my home-office in Brazil, using simple tools to create extraordinary things. I also have my latest songs at I also like to play a bit with electronics, so I created my own Arduino based drum machine project at (currently looking for another company to take over it).


  • How does one start making a sample library?


I usually start with an idea in my head and how I could use LFOs and Envelopes to turn it into a reality.


  • How long does it take to produce a library?


Depends. Sample libraries are very time consuming. Taking from weeks to months depending on what you are doing. When I sampled the HQ Piano set, which is by the way part of Wusik 4000´s huge Sample Library, it was a big process. It was my first studio sampling of a piano, luckily for me a tech guy helped me out with the whole thing. Still, I sampled only one velocity layer and all white keys. This was hours of playing and them days of editing per piano sampled. Took around a month to complete the whole project. This for 3 pianos, one velocity layer.


  • Can you give us a little insight on the creative process of your company?


Right now I´m the go to guy for everything. I´m a visionary, but not all my visions turn into reality, and it’s hard when you need months for something you have days to release.


  • What was the most weirdest or funniest moment you have experienced on a project?


When I was sampling the Essenfelder Piano, a noise was getting into the mix and we didn´t know what it was. The tech guy from the studio went outside and notices a bird trying to kill a bug in the roof, and even with the insulation we could hear it inside.


  • Music is changing every day – do you adopt new trends or stick to your trade?


I´m 40, so I´m "old". I don´t like the new trends, so I stick with what I know and do best.


  • How much does the evolution of technology affect the music industry?


Sadly too much, but mostly in a good way. The problem is that as computers get more powerful, programmers tend to focus less on optimization, and I think that´s a shame.


  • What or who inspires you?


Well, my wife inspires me, my cats too. Apart from those, I listen to a lot of music, and I mean, a lot. From Vangelis to Mike Oldfield, and even some vintage stuff.


  • We are all working in a very complex & competitive industry – what makes you stand out of the crowd?


Wusik prices are mostly low, compared to the BIG guys. We also try to work very close to users and thinking as a musician when doing the interfaces and presets.


  • Which library are you currently most proud of?


The HQ Pianos, they sound great, even if they are a bit simple compared to other libraries, when played inside Wusik Station or Wusik 4000, they sound great! All thanks to the sound-engine, filters, effects,


  • What are your plans for the future?


We are working hard on Wusik 4000 and Wusik 8000. The first has been released and is a great product. The special part is that it is modular and the module format is open-source. So anyone can make modules for it. It does a heck load of things for a very low price. Now, Wusik 8000 is the big brother of Wusik 4000, but is not released yet.




TTS Logo

 Interview with TTS:


  •  What is the story behind your company?


Trance Techno Soundbanks (TTS) has been in operation since early 2013 and was founded by me (Lukas Jankowski - Polish Pro Sound Designer). Under the TTS label I have produced more than 33 commercial soundbanks for more than 20 synths and two freeware soundbanks. TTS soundbanks are unique because they include quality presets, construction Kits for every MP3 demo, and FL Studio FLP files for every demo. This means that music producers are not only buying presets but also all demos that you hear. I am also cooperating with several synth producers: TONE2, TUBEOHM, and XILS-LAB.


  • Tell us a little bit more about you and your work


I have always loved Trance music. When i was 7 years old (1990) in Poland there wasn’t any chance to hear Electronic music.
Fortunately there were radio stations from West Europe. I have then discovered that EDM is great. During the years I fell totally in love with trance music, later with House (especially Deep House and Chill House). 3 years ago I tried to make some serious tracks with Fl Studio. While making music, I discovered my personal talent working with synths (earlier my tracks were based only on samples), which after years of learning & experimenting led me to TTS!


  • How does one start making soundbanks?


Earlier I was focusing only on making a single sound, save it and then moving on to the next one. Now I am rather about to make full thematic soundbanks; Deep House or Classic Trance. I guess lots of patches where born by accident but if you are familiar with EDM music, then you know when some sound is useful or not.


  • How long does it take to produce a library?


It depends. When I’m very productive, a full pack can be done in 5 days, together with demos, midi files, automations and so on. It also depends on whether it´s a huge soundbank like my monsterpacks or a smaller thematic pack.


  • Can you give us a little insight on the creative process of your company?


My idea is to provide great soundbanks to musicians and sample packs with sounds, well-known by already released tracks or particular genres that I really love and I can do all possible elements that are in those genres. So every music producer who buys my soundbanks can be certain that every product is 100% useful in everyday EDM making. I never enjoyed Tech Trance but now it seems that I am starting to like it in terms of sound design, pushing my abilities and knowledge to a higher level. My upcoming Zebra2 Tech Trance Only soundbank really proves it. The same thing is with Techno - when i have discovered Detroit’s roots of this music, it led to some undiscovered space in EDM. My thematic soundbanks for various techno genres (Nemesis and Zebra) shows that my Techno feeling is great.


  • Music is changing every day - do you "go with the flow", or do you hold on to old values?


House and techno are pretty durable and nearly untouchable genres - they will survive even when a nuclear war will happen! The Trance-style has been “exploited” and sold as Pop-music for many years - maybe it will be strictly underground the next years, just to be reborn once again in its classic form as it started in Frankfurt and later in Berlin and Hamburg back in the days.
I prefer the more classic trance music forms than total pop and vocal tracks. Uplifting and anthem trance is also really cool, but sometimes, too many pop elements can make a track sound really annoying and boring - this is not trance anymore.


  • How much does technology affect musical history?


It affects music in a huge way. So many different music styles were born in the last 40 years. Synths and computers made this music reality. EDM music wouldn’t be possible without synthesis. That’s why the people who invented synths are real future designers for me.
Look how many Daws are now on market, and how many real vst clones of classic synths are now possible to buy or download for free. But even with all this technology you also need to be familiar with the history of music to be able to progress into undiscovered musical fields.


  • What or who inspires you?


When I was starting TTS I was highly inspired by my favorite music producers: M.I.K.E , Gary D, Yves De Ruyter, Oliver Lieb, Cores, Ace Da Brain, + sounds from D trance compilation, Frankfurt Trance City scene, classic labels like MFS, Noom, and some more towards Dance like Kontor and so on. Now i am taking inspiration almost from every kind of EDM music. Deep House is a really interesting and fascinating genre for me. Cafe Del Mar Chillhouse compilation is really good especially the first 3 volumes. Modern deep house also features a very strong trance feeling. I like also to watch documentaries and interviews about various EDM genres and with various producers to get more knowledge about them and open my mind for new things. Crossing the boundaries is great but you need to know what pop music is, so you can avoid it in EDM. Also modern art that I have never liked gives me strong inspiration. Various feelings and inspirations make EDM music reality, that’s why it’s so good music for every day listening, as well as for live-concerts.


  • We´re working in a very competitive & multi-faceted industry - what would you say makes you stand out from your competitors?


You have to be recognizable in the soundware world. I guess if some music producer wants to progress or develop abilities, go to SoundsOnDemand to check out the best releases!!!


  • Which library are you currently most proud of?


I need to say that Zebra Modern Trance Layers is the one that I can say - it’s totally awesome.


  • What are your plans for the future?


The next soundbank which i will release will be the "DIVA CLASSIC ELECTRONICA" including sounds for Electro Trance, House & Techno. When i was making it i was highly inspired by Westbam, Members of Mayday, Jam n Spoon, Oliver Lieb, and also some classic Chicago house tracks.
The one after that will be Uhe Zebra ´Tech Trance only´ thematic pack including sounds and
Construction kits for modern tech trance only. In short time there will be also released soundbanks for: XILS-LAB, POLY KB II and another one for UHE ZEBRA.
Then i will release my first samplepack with circa 50 “Klubb Donk” basses well known from artists like Klubbheads, Alex K and others.


Toontrack announces EZdrummer 2

On May 6, 2014, EZdrummer will no longer be available for purchase. It will be replaced by EZDRUMMER 2.

Toontrack changes the gameEZDRUMMER 2 is a completely new program including a host of groundbreaking songwriting tools, new drum and percussion sounds, a much improved audio engine and much, much more.

If you purchase EZdrummer now you will automatically receive a free upgrade to EZDRUMMER 2 (available on release). This offer expires on May 6 2014.

All audio and MIDI content from the currently available version of EZdrummer will be converted into a regular EZX expansion (available May 6, 2014). This as well as all other available EZX expansions will be modernized with new graphics and effect chain presets optimized for EZDRUMMER 2 (available May 6, 2014)

Save big: Customers who act now and have the Upgrade to EZDRUMMER 2 included in their copy of the original EZdrummer also benefit from the extensive core content of the original EZdrummer:

  • the core Pop/Rock sound-library
  • the core Cocktail Kit sound-library
  • the huge core MIDI-library (over 8000 MIDI grooves and fill-ins)

These three libraries will only be available as new additional purchased products (EZXs and MIDI-pack) after the release of EZDRUMMER 2 on May 6. This means that customers who purchase the original EZdrummer now will own and keep all three libraries also after the EZDRUMMER 2 release – a smart way to get 2 sound-libraries and 1 midi-library for free


SoundsOnDemand welcomes DANYELLA as new supplier

 Danyella new Supplier

Danyella offers professional and innovative  preset banks for Lennar Digital´s Sylenth1 here at SoundsOnDemand



3 Awards for Eduardo Tarilonte!

Congrats to Eduardo Tarilonte for winning 3 of the Sample Developer Awards from  "The Audio Spotlight" !





 Some of Eduardos Libraries are Era Medieval Legends, Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World, Accordions u.a.


Best Service Engine2.1.1 released

Engine 2.1.1
- fixed crashes using flexible envelope
- fixed crash when changing layers with arrow buttons
- fixed crashes with DP8 when loading layers
- fixed GUI problem with VE PRO
- performance improvements using Elastique
- many AU improvements


Free download hier

Questions to


Engine 2.1 with full 64-bit cross-platform support released!

Best Service is excited to announce the immediate release of Engine This new version brings a couple of really great new features and a lot of minor bug fixes. One of the new exciting features being the AU and VST 64-bit OS X support. From now Engines memory access is not limited any more to 4GB. Use a 64-bit sequencer to take full advantage of your computers RAM and load as many Best Service Engine instruments as you like (and your computer can handle).


New features:
- Added 64 Bit Support for OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
- Improved Memory Management
- VST Gui updated to 3.6 for better mouse handling [Mac 64bit only]
- Enhanced/Improved legato
- Enhanced directory/file structure management. It´s now possible to use UNC Path and special characters [PC]
- Enhanced/Improved Convolution Reverb
- Enhanced/Improved Midi processing
- Fixed some bugs in the E-License Manager [Mac]
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Fixed split keyboard function
- Fixed some bugs in the midi learn function
- Fixed virtual keyboard

Engine 2.1 may be downloaded for free here

The following Best Service virtual instruments using Engine are available now:
Cinematique Instruments
Desert Winds
Epic World
Era Medieval Legends
Evolution Series World Percussion
Evolution Series World Percussion Compact
Forest Kingdom
Galaxy X
Gu Zheng
K-Size Engine Edition
Miroslav String Ensembles 2.0
Peking Opera Percussion
Studio Piper - Virtual Bagpipes
TITAN – 200 Synthesizers in One


Toontrack Metal Month

Like every year, Toontrack will celebrate "Metal Month" 

7 new products will be released during November, accompanished by special priced bundle deals and new EZMix packs.
Some ara available as boxed version only (at some as download here at

EZX Rock Soild

EZmix 2 bundle

EZmix 6 pack bundle

Metal bundle EZXs

METAL Bundle SD Crossgrade & Rock Solid EZX

METAL Bundle EZdrummer & Rock Solid EZX


5 star review for Desert Winds in SoundOnSound



With each new release in this series I half expect creator Eduardo Tarilonte to run out of fresh ideas and not warrant our top five-star rating, but he´s managed it again. Indeed, I suspect that many film, TV and game-scoring musicians will approve of the move from epic soundscapes to a smaller and more focused set of deeply sampled isntruments. along with a slightly lower price. All this, combined with scene-setting sopundscapes, adds up to a top-notch release!

Martin Walker, SoundOnSound





First review for Era Medieval Legends

Video Review by JK Swopes,

What’s the bottom line?

Anytime Best Service releases a new product from Eduardo Tarilonte…I get excited.

I know the instruments are going to be super realistic and organic, and I know there are going to be another collection of amazing soundscapes, ambiances, and fx.

I give Era 4.5 out of 5 subs, regardless if this is your style of musical instrument or not, the quality and playability of the content just can’t be denied.

His libraries always allow me to experiment with instruments I may otherwise never encounter. Many I have no clue how to pronounce or their history….but that doesn’t stop me from playing them!

I also really dig how he gives you a quick info block on the instruments directly in the interface, really helps in exploring the content.

full review


Best Service releases "Era Medieval Legends" by Eduardo Tarilonte



Welcome to “Era Medieval Legends” another library from Eduardo Tarilonte the maker of renowned libraries like Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World and more. Era is a unique sample library featuring a huge set of historical instruments.
All you have been waiting for your Medieval, Renaissance or Fantasy musical production in one virtual instrument.


best service releases NITRON samplebased Synthesizer


NITRON is a complete new creative sample based Synthesizer.
The library is focused on providing the fattest possible lead and bass sounds. This product is well suited for techno, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, hip hop, bigbeat, trance and electro, as well as pop and ambient music.


GALAXY X available now!

GALAXY X - the new and grounbreaking Convolution Synthesizer by Best Service and Galaxy Instruments

is now available as download version at SoundsOnDemand

the boxed (DVD) version will be shipping January 30th at Best Service


Review for Voices & Choirs in Wusik SoundMagazine

Wusik Sound Magazin has just relased a review about Best Service "Voices & Choirs"

…This Library is so unique and specific that it is really easy to overlook it, as most of the time we don’t know what to do with the things that don’t fit our common practices. The fact is, the Voices and Choirs library is mainly intended for movie and multimedia composers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t abuse it. The forbidden fruit is the sweetest one.

Find the review here


Get your favourite library as wallpaper!

Get your favourite library as wallpaper:

Desert Winds 1920 x 1440 (4:3)
Desert Winds 2560 x 1440 (16:9)
Desert Winds 2560 x 1600 (16:10)

Forest Kingdom 1920 x 1440 (4:3)
Forest Kingdom 2560 x 1440 (16/9)
Forest Kingdom 2560 x 1600 (16:10)

Epic World 1920 x 1440 ( 4:3)
Epic World 2560 x 1440 (16:9)
Epic World 2560 x 1600 (16:10)



We welcome NOISEFACTORY as new supplier at SoundsOnDemand

In business since 1994, Noisefactory is successfully working on music productions, recording, mix, mastering, music for promotion, jingles and sounddesign. They have produced many international hits and remixes and received Gold Awards and Echo nominations for acts like DJ Quicksilver, Kosmonova, Watergate, Luna Park, Faithless, Usura and many more.
In 2011, in collaboration with Frank Eikam, Noisefactory began with releasing samplelibaries and soundsets which underline their feeling for quality and usability of their products.


Desert Winds now at Try-Sound


We like to inform you, that DESERT WINDS is now available for online testing at

At Try-Sound there are now about 50 Virtual Instruments available for free and instant online test on Mac & PC....more coming soon....