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Wide Range Electric 40% OFF

Wide Range Electric 40% OFF

Wide Range Electric offers 40% OFF all products, 14-30 April!

Wide Range Electric offers a wide range of professional samples, from violent guitar riffs to vocal loops and phrases

Winde Range Electric Covers


Samplephonics 30% OFF! 11-25. April

 30% off all Samplephonics products from Friday 11th to Friday 25th April!

Samplphonics 30 off


Toontrack announces EZdrummer 2

On May 6, 2014, EZdrummer will no longer be available for purchase. It will be replaced by EZDRUMMER 2.

Toontrack changes the gameEZDRUMMER 2 is a completely new program including a host of groundbreaking songwriting tools, new drum and percussion sounds, a much improved audio engine and much, much more.

If you purchase EZdrummer now you will automatically receive a free upgrade to EZDRUMMER 2 (available on release). This offer expires on May 6 2014.

All audio and MIDI content from the currently available version of EZdrummer will be converted into a regular EZX expansion (available May 6, 2014). This as well as all other available EZX expansions will be modernized with new graphics and effect chain presets optimized for EZDRUMMER 2 (available May 6, 2014)

Save big: Customers who act now and have the Upgrade to EZDRUMMER 2 included in their copy of the original EZdrummer also benefit from the extensive core content of the original EZdrummer:

  • the core Pop/Rock sound-library
  • the core Cocktail Kit sound-library
  • the huge core MIDI-library (over 8000 MIDI grooves and fill-ins)

These three libraries will only be available as new additional purchased products (EZXs and MIDI-pack) after the release of EZDRUMMER 2 on May 6. This means that customers who purchase the original EZdrummer now will own and keep all three libraries also after the EZDRUMMER 2 release – a smart way to get 2 sound-libraries and 1 midi-library for free


SoundsOnDemand welcomes DANYELLA as new supplier

 Danyella new Supplier

Danyella offers professional and innovative  preset banks for Lennar Digital´s Sylenth1 here at SoundsOnDemand



3 Awards for Eduardo Tarilonte!

Congrats to Eduardo Tarilonte for winning 3 of the Sample Developer Awards from  "The Audio Spotlight" !





 Some of Eduardos Libraries are Era Medieval Legends, Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World, Accordions u.a.


Best Service Engine2.1.1 released

Engine 2.1.1
- fixed crashes using flexible envelope
- fixed crash when changing layers with arrow buttons
- fixed crashes with DP8 when loading layers
- fixed GUI problem with VE PRO
- performance improvements using Elastique
- many AU improvements


Free download hier

Questions to


Engine 2.1 with full 64-bit cross-platform support released!

Best Service is excited to announce the immediate release of Engine This new version brings a couple of really great new features and a lot of minor bug fixes. One of the new exciting features being the AU and VST 64-bit OS X support. From now Engines memory access is not limited any more to 4GB. Use a 64-bit sequencer to take full advantage of your computers RAM and load as many Best Service Engine instruments as you like (and your computer can handle).


New features:
- Added 64 Bit Support for OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8
- Improved Memory Management
- VST Gui updated to 3.6 for better mouse handling [Mac 64bit only]
- Enhanced/Improved legato
- Enhanced directory/file structure management. It´s now possible to use UNC Path and special characters [PC]
- Enhanced/Improved Convolution Reverb
- Enhanced/Improved Midi processing
- Fixed some bugs in the E-License Manager [Mac]
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Fixed split keyboard function
- Fixed some bugs in the midi learn function
- Fixed virtual keyboard

Engine 2.1 may be downloaded for free here

The following Best Service virtual instruments using Engine are available now:
Cinematique Instruments
Desert Winds
Epic World
Era Medieval Legends
Evolution Series World Percussion
Evolution Series World Percussion Compact
Forest Kingdom
Galaxy X
Gu Zheng
K-Size Engine Edition
Miroslav String Ensembles 2.0
Peking Opera Percussion
Studio Piper - Virtual Bagpipes
TITAN – 200 Synthesizers in One


Toontrack Metal Month

Like every year, Toontrack will celebrate "Metal Month" 

7 new products will be released during November, accompanished by special priced bundle deals and new EZMix packs.
Some ara available as boxed version only (at some as download here at

EZX Rock Soild

EZmix 2 bundle

EZmix 6 pack bundle

Metal bundle EZXs

METAL Bundle SD Crossgrade & Rock Solid EZX

METAL Bundle EZdrummer & Rock Solid EZX


5 star review for Desert Winds in SoundOnSound



With each new release in this series I half expect creator Eduardo Tarilonte to run out of fresh ideas and not warrant our top five-star rating, but he´s managed it again. Indeed, I suspect that many film, TV and game-scoring musicians will approve of the move from epic soundscapes to a smaller and more focused set of deeply sampled isntruments. along with a slightly lower price. All this, combined with scene-setting sopundscapes, adds up to a top-notch release!

Martin Walker, SoundOnSound





First review for Era Medieval Legends

Video Review by JK Swopes,

What’s the bottom line?

Anytime Best Service releases a new product from Eduardo Tarilonte…I get excited.

I know the instruments are going to be super realistic and organic, and I know there are going to be another collection of amazing soundscapes, ambiances, and fx.

I give Era 4.5 out of 5 subs, regardless if this is your style of musical instrument or not, the quality and playability of the content just can’t be denied.

His libraries always allow me to experiment with instruments I may otherwise never encounter. Many I have no clue how to pronounce or their history….but that doesn’t stop me from playing them!

I also really dig how he gives you a quick info block on the instruments directly in the interface, really helps in exploring the content.

full review


Best Service releases "Era Medieval Legends" by Eduardo Tarilonte



Welcome to “Era Medieval Legends” another library from Eduardo Tarilonte the maker of renowned libraries like Forest Kingdom, Desert Winds, Epic World and more. Era is a unique sample library featuring a huge set of historical instruments.
All you have been waiting for your Medieval, Renaissance or Fantasy musical production in one virtual instrument.


best service releases NITRON samplebased Synthesizer


NITRON is a complete new creative sample based Synthesizer.
The library is focused on providing the fattest possible lead and bass sounds. This product is well suited for techno, drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, hip hop, bigbeat, trance and electro, as well as pop and ambient music.


GALAXY X available now!

GALAXY X - the new and grounbreaking Convolution Synthesizer by Best Service and Galaxy Instruments

is now available as download version at SoundsOnDemand

the boxed (DVD) version will be shipping January 30th at Best Service


Review for Voices & Choirs in Wusik SoundMagazine

Wusik Sound Magazin has just relased a review about Best Service "Voices & Choirs"

…This Library is so unique and specific that it is really easy to overlook it, as most of the time we don’t know what to do with the things that don’t fit our common practices. The fact is, the Voices and Choirs library is mainly intended for movie and multimedia composers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t abuse it. The forbidden fruit is the sweetest one.

Find the review here


Get your favourite library as wallpaper!

Get your favourite library as wallpaper:

Desert Winds 1920 x 1440 (4:3)
Desert Winds 2560 x 1440 (16:9)
Desert Winds 2560 x 1600 (16:10)

Forest Kingdom 1920 x 1440 (4:3)
Forest Kingdom 2560 x 1440 (16/9)
Forest Kingdom 2560 x 1600 (16:10)

Epic World 1920 x 1440 ( 4:3)
Epic World 2560 x 1440 (16:9)
Epic World 2560 x 1600 (16:10)



We welcome NOISEFACTORY as new supplier at SoundsOnDemand

In business since 1994, Noisefactory is successfully working on music productions, recording, mix, mastering, music for promotion, jingles and sounddesign. They have produced many international hits and remixes and received Gold Awards and Echo nominations for acts like DJ Quicksilver, Kosmonova, Watergate, Luna Park, Faithless, Usura and many more.
In 2011, in collaboration with Frank Eikam, Noisefactory began with releasing samplelibaries and soundsets which underline their feeling for quality and usability of their products.


Desert Winds now at Try-Sound


We like to inform you, that DESERT WINDS is now available for online testing at

At Try-Sound there are now about 50 Virtual Instruments available for free and instant online test on Mac & PC....more coming soon....


Excellent review for Synth Werk!



Synth-Werk bietet 1300 Sounds, die ich weder in dieser Zusammenstellung noch in der Qualität in anderen Libraries finden kann. Der Sound von Kraftwerk wird von 1970 bis heute sehr gut und realistisch abgedeckt. Das Interface ist auch übersichtlich und gut bedienbar. ...Nett finde ich auch die Anlieferung in zwei Sprachen – ebenfalls eine kleine aber feine Analogie zum Schaffen der deutschen Elektrosound-Pioniere.
Wer in die Klangwelten von Kling-Klang on Co. eintauchen will empfehle ich alleine schon wegen der Anzahl und Qualität der Sounds den Kauf der Library. Ich kenne keine Alternative.

ganzer Test


Chris Hein Horns Compact - first review -

"I give this 5 out of 5 subs, it’s quite possibly the best horn library I’ve played with at any price range."

Review incl. video: SOUNDS AND GEAR, US, 12. October 2011


European ENGINE Battle: The winners!

Best Service hat zusammen mit BEAT Magazin (DE), Interface Magazine (NL), Music Tech Magazine (UK) und KR Magazine (FR) die European Engine Battle ins Leben gerufen. 121 Teilnehmer aus 15 Ländern haben aus den Sounds der zur Verfügung gestellten FREE ENGINE Demo-Programme Ihren „Song“ aufgenommen und eingeschickt.
Wir haben es uns nicht leicht gemacht und zusammen aus den vielen wirklich tollen Beiträgen der verschiedensten Stilrichtungen die folgenden 3 Sieger ermittelt.

Wir gratulieren zum wohlverdienten

1. Platz
Peter Pathos aus Nürnberg

Er fliegt mit uns im Januar zu NAMM Show nach Los Angeles


und das ist der Siegertitel:

2. Platz
René Petershagen aus Berlin
Er gewinnt ein Paket Engine Libraries im Wert von 1.500 € und das ist sein Song:

3. Platz
Cedric Regazni, Bordeaux, Frankreich
Er gewinnt ein Jahresabonnement von KR magazine und das ist sein Song:

Aus den folgenden Ländern wurden Songs eingeschickt:
2 aus Belgien, 1 aus Kanada, 2 aus der Schweiz, 1 aus der Tschechei, 49 aus Deutschland, 5 aus Spanien, 1 aus Finnland, 24 aus Frankreich, 1 aus Irland, 3 aus Italien, 1 aus Japan, 11 aus Holland, 3 aus Polen, 15 aus England und 2 aus USA.


Die FREE Versionen der folgend ENGINE Libraries durften verwendet werden:
TITAN, Epic World, Forest Kingdom, World Percussion, K-Size, Synth-Werk, Klanghaus, Galaxy-X sowie ein Drums Overkill Bonus Set für Engine.


Wir bedanken uns bei allen, die an der Battle teilgenommen haben und viel Zeit und Mühe in Ihre Kompositionen gesteckt haben sowie bei unseren Pressepartnern.

Das Best Service team

Alle erhältlichen ENGINE FREE Libraries können Sie HIER downloaden



We welcome "Rankin Audio" as new supplier!

Rankin Audio is the new loop and sample vehicle from High Rankin. Aiming to cut out the guff and offer nothing but the best and most usable samples and loops, it will feature genre packs made by key players in the scene rather than dubstep/DNB packs clearly made by House producers! As well as genre packs, expect sounds for all areas of music such as Organic Textures, Risers, Strings and Horns.


Independence Pro for just € 99.-

Limited offer!


Yellow Tools Independence Pro, a professional sampler, coming with 70GB excellent sounds on board
for just € 99.- instead of regular price € 249.-


We welcome Loopboutique as new supplier!

Innovative sounds are about to conquer the entire music and entertainment industry. Loopboutique’s characteristic sound libraries are at the cutting edge of music production. Inspiration taken from the wonderful sound of the most popular productions of this last decade, sound design transcending genres with passion for detail, combined with years of experience and superior technical know-how are what make our products exceptional. You’re looking for something unique and you love the extraordinary? Then make Loopboutique your new sound supplier now! Create your own sound... because the most beautiful sounds grow in the garden of inspiration. With Loopboutique they will bloom eternally.


We welcome Loopstable as new supplier!


Loopstable is a dedicated team of musicians, vocalists, talented producers and qualified audio engineers all working towards bringing you the best sound for your productions. Each of our libraries is mixed by our specialists to match the trends of the style, yet retain authenticity. Try out our products, and we´re sure you´ll be satisfied with the results.


We welcome Delectable Records as new supplier!

Delectable Records operates in a universe of diverse electronic music that spans across various genres such as house, minimal and techno and explores their boundaries. DR also produces professional dance grooves in most popular formats.

They meet all the professional quality standards: the sounds have been shaped with high-end studio hardware, giving to the sounds wide headroom without being aggressive. All sounds are designed with custom DSP routines and have the creative and innovative spark that will inspire you.
To guarantee a smooth work-flow we have provided all the common parts, which will make working with your DAW a breeze. Achieving the sound that matches your style has been made possible in unprecedented ways.