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Sweet ChillOut
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These are some of the warmest pads we have created, it kind of just sweeps you away with just a few tones, instantaneously taking you to the shore of your dreams, it's soft and smooth, silky and airy, some would even call them floaty but mostly important they are warm as summers day with a touch of a cooling breeze, we need to say no more...

When listening through most patches and banks on software and hardware synths
in the pads section, you soon realize that it's usually more sounding like a lead sound then what we call a pad, and can't be made with either ChillOut, Ambient, Lounge, New-Age or Cinematic in mind, so after many years of listening to ChillOut we began a rather personal quest to create the warm pad sounds that we like to call ChillOut, we wanted to make the Lenny Ibizarre sound to whom this collection is dedicated to...

HALion 1
HALion 2
HALion 3
NNXT + ReFill
Maize VSTi
Maize Standalone

7GB total (2.98GB Download)

Note that the demo made by Lenny himself also contains some of his trademark sounds that of course are not in this collection but rather showes what wonders a genius like Lenny can do with a collection like this.

Piano / Keyb. Synthesizer

Ambient/Chill/Soundtrack Electronica/IDM/EBM/80s

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Retro Sampling
Retro Sampling is a swedish company working with recording and sound design, It's well known for it's LoFi sample cd's like the Vinyl Dreams and Audio Impurities and produces a bunch of sample cd's with more noise then melodically playable. The company has reach some kind of cult status on the net for it's odd titles and different sound but also for creating some of it's own tools, mostly released as freeware and more intended for sample production then pure music production. Retro Sampling is also working closely with other big international companys and creates musical history but most products and titles are made under the highest secreacy until it's release. More info at www.retrosampling.se